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HUNTERS in numbers

8818 active
5624 zatrudnionych
180 vehicles
48 intervention groups
20 commercial and regional offices

Values from cooperation with us?

HUNTERS® has been operating on the market since 1990. The small family-owned company has grown to a size that enables the recruitment of an increasing number of employees, retrofitting of modern equipment and, above all, offering specialized services in other cities. HUNTERS’s priorities have been quality and professionalism from the very beginning. Thanks to them, we have gained the trust of our clients.

The main specialty of HUNTERS is the providing professional security services. We offer stationary protection of persons and property on premises belonging to companies and individual clients. In addition, we implement installation and service of CCTV cameras. Depending on individual expectations, it can be a complement to physical protection or a separate service.

We also carry out projects and installation of alarm systems. As specialists in the field of protection, we prepare each installation directly for the specifics of a given facility, taking into account various types of threats.

HUNTERS also has many years of experience in escorting (convoying). We have a well-prepared staff and the right equipment guaranteeing the maximum level of safety of transported cash or valuable items.

We also have transport and forwarding services and cleaning services. Check what we can offer you!

Our customers

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