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Corporate Social Responsibility
Safety is our priority. We recognize them not only in terms of the services we provide but also by supporting initiatives that associate with the concept. We regularly support such areas as: charity activities, development of entrepreneurship, professional activation of local communities, people with disabilities, the unemployed, various sports activities support , education, actions for children and youth as well as equal rights of women and men. Every day we care about public order and safety.

How do we do it?

CharityHelp can be carried in various ways. Our support is not limited to financial support. Every year, we take an active part in the Christmas for the homeless, organized by Caritas Foundation. We also organize collection of clothes and food for our employees who are in a difficult financial situation.

Entrepreneurship – It is said that the most precious gift you can give is your own time. We believe that in order for this time to be particularly valuable, it is worth giving something else – knowledge. For young entrepreneurs who are just starting to take their first steps in business, knowledge combined with experience is particularly valuable. We provide such support both at organized fairs and conferences devoted to the creation of enterprises as well as through the organization of internships and apprenticeships.

Local communities -Our company was founded in a small town – Grodzisk Wielkopolski. While companies were opening up in big cities (where there were more opportunities for development), we focused on activating local communities and using unprofitable resources, thus lowering the unemployment rate.

Disabled people – Thanks to the range of services we offer, we can adjust the position, place and working conditions to disability, thereby activating people who often are limited the labor market.

Unemployed people – In cooperation with local Labor Offices, we give employment opportunities to unemployed people, thus lowering the unemployment rate within the districts. We inform the office representatives about current recruitments and we participate in organized Job Fairs.

Activities for equal rights of women and men – When hiring, we are guided by the exclusion of competences, entitlements required to perform duties under a given position and motivation to work.

Support for science, education and education – We offer our employees participation in various trainings, courses and workshops. We often participate in costs related to an employee’s initiative to raise their qualifications or deepen their interests.

Activities for children and adolescents – We broaden the concept of safety in nearby kindergartens, educating Preschoolers during their playtime. We also support valuable youth initiatives. Helping them achieve the goal, we offer gaining experience by organizing an internship. We also cooperate with the Association for the Safety of Road Traffic “Safe Roads” and student career offices.

Order and public safety – We make sure that our employees are trained in first aid. In addition, most of our intervention groups are equipped with AED defibrillators.

Sports actions – We support various sports initiatives. We often appear in the role of both partners and participants, or even fans (eg. Grodzisk “Slowak” Halfmarathon, Szamotuly Halfmarathon, Gogol MTB series, Kaczmarek Electric MTB series).

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