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Physical protection

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Physical protection

Providing physical security can be carried out on many levels – from preventive solutions to technical security of property on multi-level security systems. The physical protection service may consist of:

  • Prevention consisting in marking the object, patrolling the area and, if necessary, intervention
  • Alarm system monitoring that is the preventive activities described above, and also permanent supervision over the Alarm System by the Armed Protection Stand.
  • Direct physical protection of the facility consisting in the stationary presence of qualified, high-level security personnel in the guarded area. Their task is to prevent violations, theft, burglaries or other types of damage
  • Event protection – ensuring an adequate number of security and order service personnel who will watch over the safety of both event participants as well as other items of property on the premises of the event.
  • Reception service, which includes the registration of guests entering and exiting the facility, preparing pass cards, providing information about the health and safety rules, registration of car traffic, providing information on the rules of moving in the facility’s area

Security staff

HUNTERS employees delegated to provide property security for the designated facility have appropriate training in undertaking interventions and effective protection. They are characterized by high resistance to stress, strong psyche and appropriate physical strength. The basic equipment of a security guard is a means of direct coercion which can be used in case of danger. The scope of activities undertaken by our security staff includes:

  • watching over the safety of the protected object
  • supervising over the monitoring cameras installed on the premises
  • identification of people entering and leaving the guarded area
  • control of labour time of employees in a given institutions by the company
  • regular supervision of the whole area and the building’s observation (often a changed route)
  • intervening in the case of an attempt to commit a crime (burglary, theft, devastation of property, robbery) and calling appropriate services to the place of the event
  • report on on-call time

Intervention Groups

Appropriately trained and equipped with Direct Coercive Measures persons with the status of Specialized Armed Security Formations, whose task is to patrol objects and, if necessary, intervene. Our IG are equipped with passenger cars and motorcycles, thanks to which the intervention time is maximum 15 minutes.

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Constant communication with the client and the Armed Protection Stand

HUNTERS security personnel communicate with each other and with the HUNTERS Armed Protection Stand using wireless means of communication operating in the Active TRACK system. This modern communication system is used to immediately locate people and mobile objects and monitor their activity in real time. The Active TRACK system also works in the conditions of signal interference, and even in such a situation it allows the security personnel or the Armed Protection Stand to be alerted. In addition, our company uses innovative EPOK software. It is used to efficiently collect and process data on the movement of people and vehicles in a guarded area. The EPOK system simplifies such work as registration of persons entering / leaving the facility, staff records, control of issuing keys / magnetic cards, as well as collecting data on drivers.

A constant presence on the client’s premises also requires an appropriate appearance. Our security guards are dressed in uniforms, neat outfits, and a high level of personal culture is our standard.

Our physical protection can be found in such locations as:

  • large-area stores
  • Shopping centres
  • production facilities
  • public administration facilities
  • libraries
  • offices
  • warehouse halls
  • mandatory protection objects
  • events (closed, mass, open air, hall etc.)

If you need protection of property in an enterprise, state institution or security at your event – contact us!


The advantages of our services

Physical protection
We have ISO, AQAP and OHSAS certificates
Physical protection
Employees dresscode is adaptable to the service type
Physical protection
Constant and wireless communication with the client and USI
Physical protection
SUFO Status
Physical protection
Working according to procedures
Physical protection
We us e ActivTrack system
Physical protection
We use EPOK Software
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