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Video prevention

Intelligent automation of the monitored object

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Video prevention

As part of video prevention services, HUNTERS offers CCTV monitoring service and video monitoring service. In the first case, it is a camera system whose task is to show and record images from all cameras connected in one system. The main task of Monitoring Video is to program appropriate responses to events recorded by the cameras ( entering the frame) or to perform appropriate tasks by the employee (video surveillance). These are two different monitoring systems, whose mode of operation is presented below.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

We assume that the combination of state-of-the-art technologies and constant monitoring of qualified security personnel ensures the highest level of security. We carry out the configuration and installation of CCTV. Thanks to the selection of cameras with the appropriate characteristics, the image delivered each time will be clear and sharp. The choice of cameras depends on the individual needs and conditions in which they are to work. They can therefore be wide-angle, infrared, external, internal, spherical or 360 degree cameras. CCTV systems installed by HUNTERS provide the perfect solution to the protection against burglary, theft and property damage caused by, for example, fire, flooding or devastation on the premises of the monitored facility.

Video protection

Thanks to the use of the latest hardware solutions, HUNTERS introduces a new service to the market – video protection. It can be performed in various variants. The first of the available video monitoring options is video monitoring.

  • Video monitoring
    It is a service based on the synergy of the alarm system and CCTV. Pairs from the detector of the alarm system and the camera of the CCTV system are created. If the detection field of the sensor is violated, the operator automatically accesses the image from the camera that is in pairs with the sensor and the remaining cameras on the site. This tool allows you to easily check the current situation on the object, so the crew is only activated when there is actual threat.
  • Video analyst
    The next option is an analyst video. It involves the use of advanced image analysis algorithms provided by camera manufacturers. When there are situations in the camera scene that were previously configured as an alarm, the camera image will be automatically presented to the operator in the Armed Protection Stand. Immediately after reading the material, the operator will decide to launch the crew and / or additional services.
  • Video prevention
    Video prevention is another important element of video monitoring. It is also called a virtual guard, because it is an alternative service for a guard who performs physical celebrations on the site. In this case, the Armed Protection Stand operator, after programming the monitoring frequency, connects to the protected object from time to time and makes a virtual tour. It involves checking one by one images from all available cameras and assessing whether there are disturbing situations requiring intervention by the crew and / or other services.
  • Video surveillance
    The last option of video monitoring is video surveillance, built to strict arrangements of the Client with the Contractor. This service consists in constant observation of a certain number of cameras by an Armed Protection Stand operator delegated for this task, which, if necessary, takes pre-determined actions if it also notices previously determined events.

The advantages of our services

Video prevention
alarm system detector and CCTV cameras cooperation
Video prevention
Advanced algorithms for image analysis
Video prevention
Creating virtual patrols
Video prevention
Savings when using security services
Video prevention
Using unavailable until now technical possibilities
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