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Alarms / Cameras

The place where you live is should be an oasis of peace and safety. It is where you feel comfort and find solace after a whole day. For this peace to remain intact, it is worth to prevent possible dangerous situations such as: theft, devastation, flooding, burning. Our specialists have comprehensive knowledge that will be useful both during the design process and subsequent installation.

So if you are just planning to build a house or are at the stage of designing an apartment, it is worth to report to us. We will help you to manage all the critical places so as not to miss anything. However, if you want to modernize your system in an existing building, we will be happy to point out the best possible hardware solutions for you.

How to protect your home from burglary?

To make you aware of our possibilities, here’s what you can use to protect your home or apartment:

  • Motion sensors – allow you to program an appropriate response to the object that was in the field range
  • Gas sensors – smoke or carbon monoxide will no longer create danger for you. Now the system that detected the smoke will react immediately enough so that you can safely take the appropriate action
  • Flooding sensors – you no longer have to worry about flooding the entire house during your absence. A suitable detector will notify you. And through the use of automation solutions, you can program the cutoff of the water supply to minimize losses
  • Virtual fence – crossing your space will not be unnoticed anymore. The system will react differently if it is an animal, and differently if it is a human being
  • Magnetic sensors – nobody can come in unnoticed by the window, door or gate. The detector will detect any uncontrolled movement
  • Cameras – external, internal, Full HD, working at night, infrared, generally you can have a safest house on your street
  • Signals (sirens) – external and internal. Those will effectively let you know that someone uninvited made a mistake and wanted to do damage in your home
  • Control – if you want, you can have a control panel at the entrance door or control everything via a smartphone
  • Home automation – – thanks to various types of detectors and controllers, you can now control all the home elements that are responsible for security from your smartphone / tablet or computer. The installation of an advanced system not only allows you to control various elements, but also makes saving your energy and managing indoor temperature a positive impact on the home budget.

You can have all this in your home soon. All you have to do is contact with our salesman who will prepare an offer for you that suits your needs and abilities.

The advantages of our services

Alarms / Cameras
We counteract fires, floods, blackouts, burglaries and thefts
Alarms / Cameras
We use top-class devices
Alarms / Cameras
We provide professional assembly and service
Alarms / Cameras
We use mobile and cloud solutionsd
Alarms / Cameras
We cover sensitive places exposed to high risk
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