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Smart home

Smart home devices are integrated with the control unit, which enables instant communication and control. Security is also the ability to control and respond to threats remotely. And the more integrated and intelligent the system, the more we can control. That is why we have enriched our offer with the Fibaro Intelligent House system. The functionality of the house just reached a new level.
Dear Customer, imagine for a moment that your home is thinking for you. It knows when you come home and will prepare you a greeting – the right lighting, temperature and a unique mood, for example, through music and color – overlays on plugs can generate this color. Also, light manipulators can generate a different color of lighting if LED lighting is connected.
You do not need a home key – an intelligent peephole knows it’s you. You do not have to worry that the house will be flooded during your absence – the appropriate detector installed in the central unit will disconnect the water supply when it is necessary.
An intelligent home is also a garden – the same is watered at a fixed time of the day or night. It is also safety – the house will pull the blinds on its own and switch on at the right time. And if it’s is not sure, he will ask you. The home learns your habits and creates an even better atmosphere unnoticeably.

What are the Home Intelligence family solutions?

  • It is a system that enables wireless control of any device in a house or flat
  • It is possible to control lighting, heating, alarms, blinds, doors, windows, irrigation systems and other devices
  • It’s a modern home monitoring system with the ability to issue commands from anywhere in the world via a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer with Internet access
  • It’s an integrated device that constantly communicates with each other. The control panel, sensors and miniature modules allow you to manage the most important home functions

What can be made up of a smart home system?

  • Motion, flood and gas sensors
  • Sensors of doors and windows
  • Intelligent power plugs
  • Intelligent lighting
  • An intelligent viewfinder
  • Automation of water management inside and outside the room

Your home can also become an intelligent home. All you have to do is contact with our salesman who will prepare an offer for you that suits your needs and abilities. Call or write to us today!

The advantages of our services

Introducing home automation solutions
Integration with all devices at home
Integration with the alarm system
Reduction of electricity consumption costs
Control over a smartphone, tablet or PC
Set your favourite settings
Set scenarios in case of your absence
System is expandable
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