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Remote assistance

We try to help our clients in a variety of ways. Sometimes, however, it is easier to give access to a computer. That is why we have provided a tool that will help you remotely.

After downloading, the program starts without installation. Our employee has remote access to the client’s computer and can view its contents. It can also control it using the mouse and keyboard in any way. This gives the client the opportunity to observe individual steps to be taken to effectively navigate through the programs to solve a given problem.

Teamview is 100% safe, because access to it is secured on many levels. In addition, the connection itself is encrypted, so the risk of getting unauthorized persons is negligible. The program itself is only available upon invitation. This means that the customer has the option of accepting or rejecting the connection.

The time needed to solve the problem by yourself can significantly exceed the accepted standards. The pressure and stress associated with finding the right way can be shortened by receiving the support of our employees. As experts, we are able to lead the customer in a clear and transparent manner, showing the best solutions to facilitate work on the solutions we provide.

If you want to have access to software that facilitates contact with our employees, download the program in the link below:


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